Game Day Snack Volunteers

Game Date Drink Volunteer Name Fruit Volunteer Name
09/23 Moody Moody
09/30 Ally Turner Ally Turner
10/7 Jen Labadie
10/7 Michelle Louisell
10/14 Melissa Schervish Melissa Schervish
10/21 Renee Jakubowski Renee Jakubowski

Game Day Snacks

The Varsity players enjoy having drinks and fruit at halftime of every game.  

For every game, 1 volunteer brings drinks and 1 volunteer brings sliced oranges or bananas. 

Please look at the list above and volunteer to help for any available date.  Sign up is below.

Drinks should be 1 case of 36 small gatorades in a large cooler with ice.

Fruit should be 10 sliced oranges or 6 bunches of bananas.

NOTE: Please bring your cooler of drinks and cooler of fruit to the team locker room at least 15 minutes BEFORE kickoff.  Tell your player to bring home your cooler after the game.  If the game is away, the coolers will come home on the bus.

Call or text Alisha Klunder at 313-204-7808 with any questions or concerns.