Grosse Pointe South Football Legends Blue Devil Golf Outing and Hall of Fame Induction

As it stands today, we will schedule another golf outing and Hall of Fame induction for the 2020 and 2021 inductees in early June of 2021.  Please check back for further information and/or send an email to to be included in any further updates.

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We had a great time last year (although the golf got a little wet)!

The 2019 Football Legends – Blue Devil Golf Outing and Hall of Fame Induction dinner was held Saturday, June 1st at the St. Clair Shores Golf Club.  Attendance was good and enthusiasm high until, after seven holes of play, the Michigan sky let loose a torrent of rain and lightning.  While the play was extinguished, spirits were not, as several men made the best of being ‘trapped’ in the cart barn.  Their captivity was made easier when the beverage cart came in to get out of the rain.  At that point the captured became the captors and the ensuing hour became quite the party.  Others rode out the rain delay in the clubhouse with cocktail service and poker.  That’s Blue Devil tenacity for you.

Golf was called off completely so last year’s reigning champions – Chris Walsh, Lou Ray, Brandon Horracks and CJ Crane – will have another chance to defend their name on the Jon Rice Memorial Trophy.

Some great stories were told during their introductions (Bob Thompson, Coach Russ Hepner, Bob Panizzi) which were followed by some more great stories in their acceptance speeches by this year’s Grosse Pointe South Football Hall of Fame inductees:  Tom Thompson, Greg Steen and the 2000 District Championship team represented by the captains – Matt Jarboe, Mark Fragel, Brian Berschback, and Andrew Vlasik.

Thanks to all of the participants in the golf and the Hall of Fame induction.  As several of the honorees mentioned, “We couldn’t love our game of football and the memories without the moms, dads, brothers, sisters, wives and coaches.  We are lucky to have our game and even luckier to have our people.”

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