Grosse Pointe South Gridiron Club

Grosse Pointe South Gridiron Club

The Grosse Pointe South Gridiron Club would like to extend our very best wishes to all of our student-athletes who are participating in this year's football program. We would like to thank all of our highly committed coaches, parents, trainers, announcers, photographers, pep band, cheerleaders, and fans who make GPS Football a successful program.

The Gridiron Club has provided financial and volunteer support for our football teams since 1997. Our objective is to assist in making the GPS football experience as rewarding as possible for the student-athletes who participate in the program. Our revenue comes from the sale of our Coupon Book, Program Book, Concessions, Alumni Golf Outing, and the 50/50 raffles. Please support the local retailers that have shown their support for our program.

We have funded various needs in the past, such as: new uniforms for all three levels, new helmets, refurbish/paint helmets, year-end photo book, after game pizza for the players/coaches, new state of the art scouting video program along with the required laptop computer, weightlifting and training equipment, the Blue & Gold BBQ, and the year-end award banquet. We also contributed funds to the new Boll Fitness Center, providing our athletes with a state of the art training facility.

In these challenging financial times, it is imperative that our football program has strong support. Our Gridiron Club members consist of an outstanding group of men and women supported by great spouses who devote their time to the Grosse Pointe South football program. One of the finest in the state of Michigan! 

Thank you for your support! GPS Football program donations made be made via the following methods.

  • If your donation is in honor of a current or former GPS Football player or coach, please provide their first and last name. Please provide a year for former players and coaches.
  • If this is a corporate donation, please provide organization name.

Thank you for your support of our boys and the Blue Devil Football Program!