Varsity Team Dinner Volunteers

Dinner Date Host Name Co-Host Name
09/22 Labadie Sikorski
09/22 Louisell
09/22 Sullivan
09/29 Jen Kendall
09/29 Stacey Lemanski
09/29 Blythe Mercer
09/29 Laura Benard
10/6 Mary Beth Davey Blythe Mercer
10/6 Marcia Vago
10/13 Erika Page Ally Turner
10/13 Cece Puzzoli
10/13 Chris Belangeir
10/20 Jackie Sullivan Christi Nyquist
10/20 Alisha Klunder
10/20 Heather Ulku

Varsity Team Dinners

The Varsity pre-game dinners are a special, long-standing tradition for the Varsity players!  You get an opportunity to meet the boys off the field and put faces with the numbers on the game jerseys.

Please take a look at the list of volunteers above and use the below form to add your name as a Host or Co-Host.  Four total volunteers are needed for each dinner (1 Host and 3 Co-Hosts).

Would like to donate but can't volunteer?  Click here to make a dinner donation.  All donations will be used towards the purchase of dinners.

Details are as follows:

  • 1 Host and 3 Co-Hosts for each date listed
  • Hosts will coordinate with the Co-Hosts for the the prep and purchase of the meal.
    • Pasta/Breadsticks/Chicken Tenders/Pizza/Fries/Salad/Fruit are ideas for the meal.
    • Can be purchased or homemade (Mrs. C's/Farms Market or Chicken Shack are options)
    • Be creative!  Walking Tacos or Coneys are also great.
    • 14 lbs of pasta should feed 75 players/coaches.
  • Other Team Dinner Responsibilities
    • Help set-up and clean up.
    • Bring the plates/cups/napkins/wipes/paper towels.
    • Bring the drinks (typically 8 gallons of chocolate milk).
  • Dinner is served typically between 5:20 and 6:45 p.m. (the boys arrive directly after practice).
  • Location can be at South (arrive at 4:45 p.m. to park) - the Commons/Girls Gym or at your home/backyard.
  • If serving at South, remember to clean the entire area (tables/throw trash in bins and stack food boxes)
  • Extras can be offered to the GPS Engineers or Maintenance.
  • Call or text Alisha Klunder at 313-204-7808 with any questions or concerns.